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5 Hacks To Stay In Shape On The Road

Whoever said being on the road and staying in good shape don’t mix? Even if you spend hours and hours in your truck every day, there is still enough time left to do a decent workout. Bryan Celestine, a super fit truck driver, is the living proof you can perfectly do both. All it takes, is a bit of planning and determination.

1. Workout

“Having a workout at the start or the end of your day, is not as hard as you might think”, Bryan explains. “There is always some free time here and there to run a few miles or do some push-ups or cardio. I prefer to do my workouts in the morning, before I go on the road, or when I’m waiting for my truck to be off-loaded. If you get some exercise before your shift starts, you can just focus on driving the rest of the day.”

2. Rest

Working as a truck driver, has taught Bryan that being fit is about more than just exercising. It is also about getting plenty of rest. “If you want to be fit and alert behind the wheel, getting enough sleep at night is crucial. I see a lot of drivers who spend hours hanging around, watching movies, having a few drinks in the truckers’ lounge or reading books after their shift. There is nothing wrong with relaxing a bit after a long hard day, but don’t let it get in the way of a good night’s rest. If you’re only getting five or six hours of sleep every night, you are just not recovering enough.”
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3. Healthy Meals

A healthy lifestyle, comes with a healthy diet. So, there is no doubt that your menu matters to be full of energy throughout the day, but as every truck driver knows, eating healthy is not easy when you are on the road all day. “Time management is everything in this job”, Bryan says. “And when your time is limited, you tend to eat the wrong things, at the wrong time. There were times when I only had one decent meal per day, but was stuffing myself with all kinds of snacks. I gained a lot of weight and found myself in terrible shape.” 

But Bryan managed to drastically change his lifestyle. “I try to eat healthy, balanced meals when I’m on the road now. That means a lot of fresh vegetables and vitamins, no fat and hardly any sugar. I take care of myself, and it makes me feel great.”

4. Driving Position

A healthy truck driver takes care of his body, and that includes his driving position. Today’s seats can be adjusted in all kinds of ways, so why not use these tools to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Make sure you sit up nice and straight, with your arms in a comfortable and relaxed position. You can adjust your side mirrors, so you don’t have to bend over to use them. If the mirrors are in the right position, you need minimal movement of the neck to see the vehicles around you.

5. Mental Health

Your health is not only a physical thing, you have your mental health to take care of as well. Because let’s face it: miles and miles of monotonous roads, can get pretty boring. Before you know it, your mind is wandering off and worrying about things that have been in the back of your head for way too long. Give your mind a rest while you are driving, by listening to an audio book. Explore some musical genres that are new to you, or even focus on learning a new language with a language cd.

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