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What are Credits and how does it work?

In order to start using the platform you need to upload money into your account, we call these credits. You stay in full control of the amounts and frequency of your uploads. Only approved requests can result in the consumption of credits.

The overall business concept is explained below: create an account and upload money, start doing transactions and when necessary top-up your balance again.

After you have created an account, you put an amount of money on this account via the different secure payment methods that Avantida is offering through Ingenico.

We offer online payment methods and have local bank accounts in all active countries. Avantida will issue you an invoice for every amount you deposit on your account.

The minimum amount we advise you to deposit is €100.

Once we have received the payment we will credit your balance (immediately for online payments, after 2 to 3 days for payments received via wire transfer).

You can now start entering your requests.

The cost for each transaction can be different per type of transaction and per country. For reUse and depotX, the ocean carriers are defining the business rules and the pricing. For FlexGate these business rules and pricing are defined by the terminal operators and depots.

Each time a transaction is approved your balance is adjusted.

No charges are applied for cancelled or declined requests.

After a certain number of transactions your account balance will be too low to process further requests. At any point in time you can replenish your account via the process described in step 1.

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