Working at Avantida

At Avantida we dream of a sustainable planet. We dream of greener cities and roads without traffic congestions, and we believe that technology can significantly contribute to realising that dream. That’s why we built an online platform that aims to transform traditional logistics processes.

On the platform we facilitate services offered by ocean lines to transporters for optimal container transport planning. Ocean lines have a better view on where their containers are, and transporters can optimise their transport planning, saving fuel costs and avoiding congestions. 


INNOVATIVE - fresh, young and dynamic, and have a highly entrepreneurial spirit.

DRIVEN - loaded with energy and deploy our skills to the max.

POSITIVE - love turning dreams into products and problems into simple solutions.

CUSTOMER CENTRIC - open-minded, agile and excellent listeners.

.Net Full Stack Software Engineer

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UX/UI Frontend Engineer

Avantida offers to shipping and transport companies optimization tools for their empty equipment. Through simple ideas of enabling flexibility in the shipping industry, we commit to reducing traffic and pollution caused by trucks.

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