Avantida is moving into full container haulages

Avantida by E2open continues to roll-out new features to support the ocean carrier and trucking communities. The ability to digitally manage empty container repositioning is now augmented with the capability for ocean lines to find capacity to transport full containers on the Avantida platform.

Adding more possibilities for ocean carriers to serve their clients, this new tool will streamline the carrier haulage day-to-day activities. Given Avantida’s Digital Wallet platform, the financial flow is fully automated. Trucking companies can now not just request Street Turns and Depot Changes for their import and export bookings, but they now can also generate revenue by executing both empty and full container moves.

This new service is the next in a series of services Avantida plans to launch during this year, aiming to bring all landside container management processes ‘online’ on its digital container marketplace.

"This is a big step for Avantida and for the logistics industry. Enabling ocean lines to tender carrier haulages to the largest connected and trusted trucking network in a fully automated fashion further complements the market-leading container marketplace used in four continents. The industry has been waiting for holistic platform solutions for a long time. I am excited to see that close collaboration with our ocean line customers and our agile development methods, paired with passion to make our world a better place, are delivering true transformative innovation. While we are now focusing on deploying moveX to all of our customers and  geographies, we have started to work on our next innovation – matchX, which I expect to become a game-changer for all parties involved,” said Rico van Leuken, the group’s General Manager.

The moveX application, launched in December 2019, is already being used by three major ocean carriers with more joining in the weeks ahead. This new carrier haulage tendering process was developed after ocean lines showed great interest in adding this functionality to their core business. Avantida is convinced this will make its platform a more all-inclusive solution to landside container steering.

“Trucking companies are now able to get awarded business they previously wouldn't have been able to capture. On the other hand, the ocean lines can tap into our network of more than 7500 connected trucking companies in a fully automated fashion that shields them from the financial settlement complexity by leveraging our unique Digital Wallet solution.  This service is a win-win for both the ocean lines and the trucking community,” says Yannick Lefevre, Avantida’s Head of Global Account Management.

With truck driver shortages in almost every country, rising fuel prices and growing congestion around port areas and in manufacturing regions, Avantida’s reUse, depotX and moveX solutions are continuing to transform the intermodal sector and create symbiotic relationships between ocean and trucking carriers. These container management applications are being converged into E2open’s Transportation and Logistics suite of intelligent applications as an integral component of an end-to-end Transportation Management System (TMS).