Csence monitors containers around the globe to make planning

More than ever, the focus of transport companies is on efficiency and transparency. So, how do companies keep track of their containers at all times, to keep the entire process as fluent as possible?

We spoke to Michael Loeff of the Dutch reefer monitoring company Csence, about the optimisation of transport and transport planning. Csence is an independent cold chain monitoring centre, aiming to take away transporters’ concerns about the condition of their reefer containers that are travelling around the world. The platform uses data from third party telematics to optimise the strategic, operative and financial elements in the cold chain.

Tracking and analysing

“We monitor refrigerated containers and match their data with the bookings of a transport company”, Michael Loeff explains. “We use that data to provide a service.”

When we asked Loeff to share his ultimate expert advice for planners, he was very clear. “To optimise your planning, you have to invest in tracking and analytic tools for your container fleet. That way, you know when, where and how the reefers are available.”

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