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We are a cloud-based, online platform offering services that aim to transform traditional container logistics processes. With the platform we help you keep you away from bottlenecks on the road and bring a whole new dimension to your container transport planning.

You are tired of doing empty runs in heavy traffic. It’s a pain to sit in queues for hours waiting to pick up or drop off your container at port terminals. Let’s face it, you waste time, you lose money and you disappoint customers for being late.

Our platform offers services that will bring flexibility, efficiency and will save you costs.

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Be smart, stay
away from the herd

Avantida is a pre-paid platform, which means you need to load your balance before you can request an optimisation. If the ocean line declines your request or you decide to cancel it right at the last second, nothing is charged and your balance stays put.


Reuse your import container to go straight to your export customer and save time and money avoiding two empty runs.


Pick up
& Drop off

Pick up or drop off your empty container somewhere closer to you, or after office hours. Avoid traffic jams and peak times.

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