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Why Group GTS chose Avantida

//Why Group GTS chose Avantida

Why Group GTS chose Avantida

“Avantida allows us to save time, mileage, diesel… you name it!”

For Group GTS, a transport company based in Tessenderlo, Avantida is a great way to save costs and improve their productivity. Group GTS has around 130 container trucks, that handle domestic operations as well as destinations in France, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Germany.

We let Group GTS employee Tinne Driessen, share her experiences with Avantida: “We work with Avantida for the request of re-uses”, she says. “Upon customers request, trucks that unload somewhere in the morning, can be loaded again in the afternoon. That is obviously a huge cost and time saver for us, since we don’t have to drive to a depot to drop-off an empty container and pick up another empty container from the same carrier. We usually do re-uses over a period of two days: we unload, return to our depot in Antwerp, and after a request and approval on the Avantida portal, we re-use the container from there.”

Crystal clear benefits

When asked about the major benefits of using the Avantida platform, Tinne does not have to think long: “Avantida allows us to save time, mileage, diesel… you name it. And whenever there might be a problem, the customer support is there to help us out. An incorrect reference or a sign-up that didn’t go well? We can always send them an e-mail and they will find out what went wrong right away. Their follow-up service is excellent.”

“For Group GTS, Avantida is a great tool”, Tinne adds. “I must say, we are really pleased with Avantida, and the use of the platform. We hope things will continue to run as smoothly in the future!”

Want to experience the benefits of Avantida, just like Group GTS is doing? Have a look at the Avantida registration page and simply sign up.

More and more companies are discovering the advantages of working with Avantida. Have a look at Gunter Vranckx of BE-Trans, explaining what the assets of the platform are for his company in this video.

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