Bringing an empty container back to port is a thing of the past! ReUse it!
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What is reUse?

As a transport company you have many customers on the import and export side. Now imagine that rather than bringing back an empty container to the port or assigned depot, you could simply request permission to bring it straight to your export customer to get loaded.

So, you will avoid waiting times at depots and terminals and eliminate unnecessary mileage and thus reduce your CO2 emissions as well.

How does it work?

1. Login to our platform on

2. Create an account and
purchase credits.

3. Once everything is matched and approved, the transaction is processed right there on the platform.

ReUse benefits

  • Optimize the planning of your trucks (national and international)
  • Avoid congested areas around ports.
  • Be more effective by avoiding waiting times at depots and terminals.
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions.
  • Avoid disputes with ocean carriers via Avantida’s formal approval process.

Check availability & pricing

The price for a reUse request is defined by the ocean carrier as well as the business rules. Today the rates for a reUse change vary between 25, and 100, depending on the country and the pricing policy of the ocean carriers. For each approved request, the corresponding amount will be debited from your account and your balance will be updated. When a request is declined there is of course no fee to be paid.

How to get started?

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