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Intuitive features, great results

Avantida’s platform has been created to make requests as effortlessly as possible. There is no wrong way to use it and nothing to lose to get started. You will be amazed how simple it can be to optimize your transport planning. Ultimate flexibility with the support of the ocean carriers at a realistic price.

Transparent ? Of course !

Make your business case
based on clear pricing.

Flexible ? Check !

Request changes when
it fits your planning.

Confirmed ? Absolutely !

100% guaranteed confirmation
from ocean carriers.

Optimise your equipment

  • Request changes in drop-off and pick-up locations that are useful for you.
  • Check whether your empty container can be re-used for your export customer.
  • Cross-border empty equipment opportunities really exist.
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Get started simply & securely

  • Create an account in seconds, help is available should you need it.
  • Upload credits to your account and off you go.
  • Trusted by almost 3000 transport companies and logistics service providers.
  • We are continuously focused on protecting your information.

Ultimate flexibility
Choose from a range of ocean carriers and locations.

Always available
Via PC, tablet and smartphone wherever you are.

One step at a time
Make it work for your transport company and local context.

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