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BE-Trans And Avantida: A Money-Saving Combination

One of the many enterprises that have started using the Avantida platform, is BE-Trans. For this transport company, based along the E313 motorway in Geel, Avantida’s applications are a great opportunity to lower costs. We asked Gunter Vranckx, Head of Planning at BE-Trans, how Avantida helps them to save valuable time and money.

“BE-Trans specializes in container transport”, Gunter says. “Our company is located alongside the motorway in Geel, which makes us easily accessible for further transport inland and to Germany.”



Positive impact

The Avantida platform allows BE-Trans to save money and improve its customer service: “Re-using empty containers saves mileage and the resulting fuel savings make transport a bit more green. We can also cut costs because we don’t have to return to the quays as often”, Gunter explains.

Thanks to Avantida’s depotX application, BE-Trans is able to drop containers off at different inland depots. “We use Avantida to drop off containers in domestic depots via the depotX platform. We do this for the same reason: to save mileage and to ensure a faster delivery to our customers.”

”We like working with Avantida because it is so convenient”, Gunter concludes. “It only takes a minute via the website. It’s the logical choice for us and right now, there are no other players who offer the same service.”

Do you want to have all the benefits BE-Trans is experiencing? Simply visit the Avantida registration page and sign up.

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of Avantida. In this testimonial video, Tinne Driessen of transport company Group GTS shares her positive views on the use of the platform.


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